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Dr. Oliver Kalumuangi Kayende


Oliver Kalumuangi Kayende is a Congolese-American pure mathematician specializing in the asymptotics of binary quadratic residue codes and in 2013 awarded a Ph.D. in pure mathematics by Howard University. This national chess master, teacher, philosopher and humanitarian was born on September 22, 1980, in Kinshasa, DRC and arrived in the USA at the age of 2 after which he was given the highest educational opportunities, support and mentorship. As a teenager Oliver found his first love in poetry while attending prestigious schools such as The Sidwell Friends School and The Duke Ellington School Of The Arts, receiving honorable mention for his poetry by The Black Phoenix Press, but then gravitating towards math and chess, handily winning the Washington DC scholastic chess championship and the Washington DC chess championship as well as placing 13th in the nation at the scholastic supernationals. During this time Oliver also worked with groups like Martha's Table providing food for the homeless and even canvassed for the local environmentalist group Clean Water Action. After completing his B.S. in pure mathematics at The University Of Bridgeport with special honors for independent research in complex analysis and the calculus of variations, Oliver taught high school algebra in the challenging but developing DC public school system at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School For Public Policy where he spent much of his time mentoring students, establishing an active math & chess club as well as developing curriculum and setting up a faculty diversity committee. In graduate school, although high school and college tutoring grew infrequent, Oliver gave talks on his dissertation topic, was awarded a GAANN fellowship and received scholarships from The National Science Foundation -  even finding enough time to earn from the US Chess Federation the title of national chess master (USCF 2260+).  After completing his doctoral dissertation concerning a conjecture of MIT professors Sanjoy Bazzi and Leroy Mitter as restated by US Naval Academy professor David Joyner, Dr. Kayende went on to lecture a numerous and wide range of undergraduate mathematics courses at institutions including Howard University, Montgomery College, Washington Adventist University and, most recently, The University Of Central Asia (UCA) located in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. At UCA, Dr. Kayende exchanged with the indigenous mountain societies, established a chess club, developed the service learning math program along with math curricula on a par formidable culum to a par formidable with that traditionally given in the west. Now, Dr. Kayende works as a private consultant for K&K Consulting And In-Home Support Services while his work "Numerical Invariants On The Quadratic Residue Code", of central importance in coding theory, is not yet publis