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STEM DRC Initiative Announces Winners of the 2019 Scholarship of Excellence in STEM in DRC

STEM DRC Initiative, a non-profit association for the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), is pleased to announce the 53 winners of our Ngalula Mubenga Scholarships of Excellence in STEM  for 2019 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It should also be noted that 10 additional scholarships are pending and upon their confirmation additional winners will be announced. This marks the 2nd edition of our STEM Excellence Scholarship.
Please consult the complete list of laureats on our website

The scholarship winners on a competitive basis will receive $ 600 for tuition, syllabus and transportation. The scholarships are renewable for the duration of the studies of the laureats provided that they apply each year while maintaining the criteria of excellence. The laureates will be informed by email of details regarding the awarding of scholarships in October.

At STEM DRC Initiative, we strongly believe that STEM will enable Congolese to find solutions to our problems. This is why these STEM excellence scholarships are part of our efforts to promote STEM in the DRC.
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